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Here you will find all the information you need surrounding the political concerns of health, education, infrastructure, and foreign policy.  

As society is ever-changing, so are the political issues and needs to amend governmental policies. Stay tuned here.







While in Vermont, we are doing a great job, other areas are not.  Christopher is a trained CSRO (COVID Safety Resource Officer) and COVID contract tracer.  As a utility worker, Christopher understands not all industries can remotely work.  Government support when/ if available can only do so much, yet the choice should not be paying bills or risk getting exposed.

In order to stop this global pandemic, we cannot answer this at the local or state level.  Federal guidance needs to be united in order to slow/ stop the spread. 

The ‘lock-downs’ did flatten the curve, but this is not temporary but a new way of life.  Almost a year in and there is no end in sight.  No one can be perfect every day in safety measures.  Blame should not be on an individual just because they tested positive.  


Science needs to be invested in to levels higher than ever before.  We should use this moment to challenge our children and family members to support STEM futures/ careers.  

Education reform is critical to this campaign.  Numerous people in Christopher’s family are currently, or have been, teachers in public schools.  Education starts at home with parents teaching their children to respect educators, helping children with homework and  engorgement for good grades.

Institutional reform in 9-12 grades needs to allow students more opportunities to explore technical trades.  Students become engaged when they find subjects that they are interested in and prepare them for the outside world.

In higher education, the first focus should be about educational expenses. Public institutions need to create a way to be financially feasible without major government bailouts or outrageous tuition rates. 


A different cap on federal student loans for individuals attending public versus private universities need to be established.  Only after the expense issue being addressed, the outrageous debt issue should be focused on.

Current infrastructure legislation in Congress (H.R. 116-37) focuses too much on unreliable highspeed rail projects, and green energy wind/ solar fields. 


The ongoing power (2-3 months) outages in California and failed highspeed railroad project from Los Angeles to San Francisco are a prime example of these shortcomings. 


Global warming is real, but infrastructure projects need to focus on traditional road projects and reliable utility services.  Green projects can be in addition too when adequate resources are met.

America needs a clear unified approach of strategic engagement using economic and smart policy tools to engage our allies.  We need to immediately cease direct military threats before one is acted upon. 

Our smart policy of engagement and dual responsibility will be carried our career Foreign Service Officers and not political appointees with a firm understanding of our mission objectives following local and cultural sensitivities. 

No more ad hoc, country by country policy but a global approach to engagement.  Most importantly, our staff must not fear retribution for following orders but appreciation for the service they have provided.