Seven Days Article: Who Are All These People on My Ballot?

A few weeks ago (September 17th, 2020) I received a phone call from a very nice gentleman who's a Seven Days reporter, named Kevin McCallum. We talked for just under an hour and discussed numerous topics. Yes, the Space Force became a topic after talking about creating a military force that is more flexible and can adapt to new age challenges.

Regarding the numerous names on the ballot, I consider a lack of candidates to be a form of voter suppression. We need to focus on having more voices to choose from, not focusing on who's the loudest.

These would be your only options if people like me do not run: A) a 77 year old who spent close to 50 years in various Washington, DC political roles, B) a 74 year old New York real-estate mogul, or C) a celebrity musician who has no experience in the public sector.

Sorry Green, Libertarian, or Constitution Party... the bar would be set too high.

Basic business concepts state that the more options available create an environment less likely to create a monopoly. America has a political monopoly and only by letting more people on the ballot can we help minimize this.

The Seven Day article referenced is listed below.

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