856 votes in VT, Other states TBD

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Thank you to everyone who has supported us in this journey. It has been an incredible experience and we are truly grateful for all the support. While we wish we could thank and meet you all in person, due to the current COVID situation, our virtual thanks will have to suffice.

As we have seen from the results of the election, there was no overt revolution as predicted. However, there is a new balance of power in the federal government. A new Democratic controlled Executive Office, a Republican controlled Senate, and a Democrat House of Representatives that is shrinking. America wants a government willing to compromise.


Vermont has an opportunity to make some meaningful changes in DC. Senator Sanders may be invited to be part of President Elect Biden’s cabinet. If that were to happen, a seat would be vacant and we are asking Governor Scott who is on his list of potential replacements. I also have written to numerous Secretary of State’s to find out my total vote count in your state (CA, PA, VA, exe) and will let you know of any updates.

Keep your eye out as this campaign was only the beginning!

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